Pataigin Appoints Deborah Elvins as Strategic Advisor

SEATTLE, WA – 30 March, 2022 – Microbiology diagnostics company Pataigin today appointed Deborah A. Elvins as an advisor to the company on business strategy and other business matters.

Elvins is a retired life sciences lawyer with an extensive life sciences background. That background includes senior roles in two publicly traded biotech companies: VP Legal Affairs at Dendreon and Acting General Counsel for Cascadian Therapeutics. She was also a partner in Adkins Black LLP, a boutique law firm focused on life sciences, where her practice included working directly with senior management on a wide range of legal, regulatory, and business issues. Prior to Adkins Black, Elvins was a partner at Stoel Rives LLP, a large Pacific Northwest law firm where, in addition to her law practice, she held senior management roles with the firm.

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