Direct-From-Specimen Results to be Presented at ECCMID 2022 Conference

The FLAT method identifies bacteria directly from a clinical specimen in one hour.

LISBON, Portugal: Results will be presented from a study of Pataigin’s rapid bacterial ID assay, direct from clinical specimens.

At the 32nd European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID), Richard D. Smith will present, “Fast lipid analysis technique (FLAT) a rapid, direct from urine diagnostic assay for identification of Gram-negative pathogens.”

Smith will report a study comparing results from standard bacterial ID to results using Pataigin’s FLAT method on clinical urine samples. Good agreement between the methods is shown. Remarkably, FLAT results were obtained in one hour direct from clinical urine specimens. In contrast, the standard ID method requires overnight microbial culture.

The FLAT method rapidly identifies bacteria by detecting species-specific membrane lipids, using a simple process, as shown at right.

Smith will speak at a session entitled What’s fast, new and relevant in infectious disease diagnostics? at 16:15 Lisbon time on 24 April, 2022. ECCMID attendance is available both in-person and online. Authors of the presentation include Pataigin founders Prof. Robert Ernst and Prof. David R. Goodlett. The other authors are Dr. J. Kristie Johnson, Dr. Hyojik Yang, and Dr. Anuj Joshi. The abstract number of Smith’s presentation is 01090.