Pataigin Introduces First Multiplex Lipid Microbiology Kit

The BACLIB Lipid Microbiology Kit is the only multiplex lipid microbiology assay, and the only test combining microbial ID with colistin resistance detection.

VIENNA, Austria, BALTIMORE Maryland, and SEATTLE, Washington – 13 July 2021: At the 31st European Congress of Clinical Microbiology & Infectious Diseases (ECCMID,, Pataigin introduced the BACLIB Rapid Lipid Extraction Kit for microbial identification and colistin resistance detection.

The patented BACLIB Kit is unique in determining bacterial species ID and colistin resistance with a single assay. Superior to competing lipid microbiology kits, BACLIB requires less than a minute of hands-on time per sample, with no centrifugation or complex handling steps.

In contrast to competing kits that only identify a single species, the multiplex BACLIB Kit identifies and determines colistin resistance for all the ESKAPE pathogens. The BACLIB Kit includes access to custom software for ID/resistance determination. Time-to-result is only 30 minutes.

The BACLIB Kit is initially offered in Canada and in the US, where it is the only rapid lipid kit available. “Pataigin is pleased to introduce the first multiplex lipid microbiology kit,” said Pataigin CEO Erik Nilsson. “We are also excited to make lipid microbiology available to US researchers, who currently do not have access to this technique.”

The BACLIB Kit is for research use only, and is currently compatible with Bruker MALDI mass spectrometers. The kit includes hardened surgical stainless steel MALDI target plates, optimized for MALDI analysis of membrane lipids and for identification of microbial species via the BACLIB method.

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