About Pataigin

Pataigin develops advanced microbiology tests to identify disease pathogens and determine antimicrobial resistance. Pataigin assays are also used in biomedical research.

Pataigin’s first product is BACLIB, a rapid microbial ID test. BACLIB identifies pathogens in one hour, directly from a clinical sample such as a urine specimen.

Pataigin was founded in 2016 to develop and commercialize the microbial lipid fingerprinting technology developed by Pataigin founders Profs. David Goodlett and Robert Ernst.

The result is BACLIB, which detects species-specific fingerprints of microbial membrane lipids in one hour, directly from a clinical specimen.

Pataigin’s mission is to make BACLIB a market-leading diagnostic test that significantly improves outcomes for infectious disease patients, reducing hospital expenses and saving patient lives.

The Pataigin team has extensive experience and expertise in diagnostics businesses, microbial assays, and clinical mass spectrometry.