Microbial ID in one hour, direct from specimen

Tired of waiting days for microbial culture? The BACLIB test from Pataigin identifies bacteria and fungi in one hour, direct from specimen.

BACLIB is available today for RUO applications via the BACLIB Early Access program.

Let’s find out what one-hour microbial ID can mean for you!

How it works

BACLIB measures membrane lipids that uniquely identify microbial species and determine antimicrobial resistance.

Like current microbial fingerprinting tests, BACLIB uses MALDI mass spectrometry with a simple prep. The difference: BACLIB can work direct from specimen, saving days of cell culture time.

Innovative research

BACLIB is the result of award-winning research by Pataigin founders.

Ongoing research continues to advance BACLIB for new applications. The following links list BACLIB-related research publications by category:

■ BACLIB is the result of basic research into microbial lipid fingerprints.

■ Peer-reviewed papers directly address BACLIB, as well as BACLIB research applications.

■ BACLIB rapid, direct-from-specimen assays result from research into rapid lipid extraction. Additional research applications of rapid lipid extraction have been developed.

■ BACLIB applied to antimicrobial resistance is represented in the literature.